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Goop Gang

Project Overview

Goop Gang is a proven, 30-day Gut Cleanse and Weight Loss Program designed to teach people about healthy food consumption, coupled with a supplement routine. Goop Gang has grown into an online community with over 2,500 fans in its first few months.

Juice Marketing worked with Goop Gang on a range of aspects for their new business venture – from branding, website design and development, digital marketing and ongoing social media marketing support.

The Brief

The Managing Director came to Juice Marketing wanting to branch out from parent company PH@TT with a completely unique brand style.

At that point, the client had settled on the name Goop Gang and wanted to create a strong presence on Facebook and Instagram, that could scale both nationally and internationally and drive consumers to purchase the weight loss program and eventually start their own business with Goop Gang.

The Action Plan

From the outset, we knew that to have an impact in today’s saturated social market we needed not to sell, but to story tell. What this means is creating content plans and campaigns that explain the products, explain the benefits of gut health, explain how you use the products and what value they will bring the consumer, rather than just promoting them.

The key achievements for the first three months of the campaign included:

  • Establish an online brand and social platforms
  • Build the Goop Gang brand online
  • Expand reach
  • Strengthen relationships

These were accomplished by:

  • Consistent organic posting on Facebook and Instagram
  • Running a consistent brand campaign on Facebook and Instagram
  • Running a monthly promotional campaign on Facebook and Instagram
  • Creating competitions, raffles and giveaways
  • Have the managing director create educational videos and host live sessions
  • Ensure the Goop Gang team were consistent and on time with their responses

The Results

Goop Gang has successfully grown a loyal following on both Facebook and Instagram during the initial 3-month campaign; this is continuing to grow. From the efforts on social media, the Managing Director now has 1000+ mentors and mentees who have either started the program, started their own Goop Gang business or both.

With a limited advertising budget, we have managed to reach over 2500 fans nationally in the first 3 months. We look forward to working with Goop Gang as we continue to grow their online presence.


“Juice are so friendly and accommodating! They help you every step along the way to understand the business side of things. So you don’t just grow with more customers but grow as your understanding on how to generate leads. The graphic department and page development is second to none! Love the girls!”