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Project Overview

PT&ME is an “at location” (home & office) personal training service, based in Brisbane, Queensland.

They are focused on individuals willing to invest in their health and business owners willing to invest in their staff productivity; PT&ME offers a unique, specialised at home and premise, tailored health and fitness program designed to meet the specific health, fitness, lifestyle and productivity improvement goals.

The Brief

The Owner/Operator came to Juice Marketing wanting to increase website traffic and brand recognition. This included aquiring online enquiries, keeping ads on the first page within the top 3 positions and maintaining a sweet spot for Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Aquisition (CPA) and Conversion Rate.

The Action Plan

1. Website Audit and Optimisation
After thorough analysis of the domain, we diagnosed that the speed was poor, the landing page experience was not enticing, and content was not relevant enough thus affecting quality score. The team revamped the website including tracking important conversion actions such as form fill-outs, click-to-call links and button clicks.

2. Keyword Selection
This is an extremely important step in terms of maximising the potential results of a campaign. Careful and accurate selection of keywords was done through Google’s Keyword planner. We selected highly competitive terms to ensure traffic from all across Brisbane. In total, we selected 20+ keywords for their PPC Campaign.

3. Campaign Structuring
Ad groups were made based on the selected keywords as well as the text ad copies. This was done to fortify the effectiveness of the campaign by achieving high ad relevance. Even though the selected keywords are highly competitive, there was no need to bid high in order to win a good position on the first page. Daily monitoring was done, each irrelevant keywords are excluded immediately.

The Results

  • 93% of the target keywords are averaging 2nd position
  • PT&ME website traffic (through search ads alone) increased by 2,600%
  • Online enquiries increased by 349%
  • Juice Marketing have drastically improved the PT&ME brand among competitors.
  • PT&ME have run out of personal trainers due to popular demand.
  • CTR of targeted keywords are averaging 2.26% on a monthly basis
  • On a monthly basis, Average CPC is at $2.27; CPA is at $16.92 and Conv. rate is at 13.44%
  • Continual paid traffic growth (See below. Note: The PPC campaign was paused from Nov-Dec due to high volume and lack of trainers)
  • Continual conversion growth (See below. Note: Similar to above, the campaign was paused from Nov-Dec due to high volume and lack of trainers)


“The team at Juice Marketing completely understand our audience, producing fun and engaging content. They are a fantastic extension to our team and I couldn’t recommend them more highly.”