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Social Media Marketing

We offer Social Media Packages and Solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Social Media can be a relevant, cost effective way to grow your business, and our aim is to help you understand and implement the most relevant and effective Social Media Strategy for your business.

Social Media Simplified

There is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to Social Media Marketing. Our range of flexible Social Media packages are designed to match your needs and to evolve and grow with you.

Our team of social experts will manage your brands presence across the vast array of platforms and channels that are most relevant to your target market.

We’ll simplify the science of Social Media Marketing and get your brand in front of more potential customers more often.

Our Approach To Social Media

Quite simply, we ensure your business is engaging with current and prospective customers. We consider this to be a three step process.

We understand who your customers are, where they are, what they are interested in, and why they should be engaging with your brand and products.

We can help identify target and connect you with your current, prior and prospective customers.

Engaging with your customers, on their preferred media and on their terms is a powerful marketing strategy.

Advertising TO your customers is not as effective as connecting WITH them.


Without conversation, Social Media becomes plain, old traditional media, that’s why we optimise your content to get your customers chatting and you brand shining,

Armed with the right Social Media Marketing strategy and appropriate tools to manage your day-to-day conversations, together we’ll turn your most valued customers into loyal ambassadors for your brans.

We make sure your brand is worthy of their conversations


Ultimately, your investment in Social Media Marketing is to generate additional sale and to grow your business.

Our aim is always to move the customer along the path from ‘connection to conversion’ and ideally into a loyal, repeat customer.

Your Social Media plan will integrate with and support your other sales and marketing efforts.

Social Media can be a relevant and cost-effective way to grow your business.

Ready to get started?

How We Helped Goop Gang

Goop Gang is a proven, 30-day Gut Cleanse and Weight Loss Program designed to teach people about healthy food consumption, coupled with a supplement routine. Goop Gang has grown into an online community with over 2,500 fans in its first few months.

Juice Marketing worked with Goop Gang on a range of aspects for their new business venture – from branding, website design and development, digital marketing and ongoing social media marketing support.

The Brief

The Managing Director came to Juice Marketing wanting to branch out from parent company PH@TT with a completely unique brand style.At that point, the client had settled on the name Goop Gang and wanted to create a strong presence on Facebook and Instagram, that could scale both nationally and internationally and drive consumers to purchase the weight loss program and eventually start their own business with Goop Gang.

The Action Plan

From the outset, we knew that to have an impact in today’s saturated social market we needed not to sell, but to story tell. What this means is creating content plans and campaigns that explain the products, explain the benefits of gut health, explain how you use the products and what value they will bring the consumer, rather than just promoting them.

The key achievements for the first three months of the campaign included:

  • Establish an online brand and social platforms
  • Build the Goop Gang brand online
  • Expand reach
  • Strengthen relationships

These were accomplished by:

  • Consistent organic posting on Facebook and Instagram
  • Running a consistent brand campaign on Facebook and Instagram
  • Running a monthly promotional campaign on Facebook and Instagram
  • Creating competitions, raffles and giveaways
  • Have the managing director create educational videos and host live sessions
  • Ensure the Goop Gang team were consistent and on time with their responses

The Results

Goop Gang has successfully grown a loyal following on both Facebook and Instagram during the initial 3-month campaign; this is continuing to grow. From the efforts on social media, the Managing Director now has 1000+ mentors and mentees who have either started the program, started their own Goop Gang business or both.

With a limited advertising budget, we have managed to reach over 2500 fans nationally in the first 3 months. We look forward to working with Goop Gang as we continue to grow their online presence.

Juice are so friendly and accommodating! They help you every step along the way to understand the business side of things. So you don’t just grow with more customers but grow as your understanding on how to generate leads. The graphic department and page development is second to none! Love the girls!

Annika Martyn

Owner - Goop Gang

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Jai Napper
Jai Napper
03:40 03 Apr 19
Brett and the team have been extremely professional in tailoring a complete turnkey marketing strategy to suit my business model. Once I made the commit with Juice Marketing it was as if we were one team moving forward. They are exceptional at working to deadlines, delivering a high level of service, executing accordingly and achieving the right results. I'm looking forward to continuing a very successful business relationship.
Goop Gang
Goop Gang
02:26 25 Mar 19
Juice are so friendly and accommodating! They help you every step along the way to understand the business side of things. So you don’t just grow with more customers but grow as your understanding on how to generate leads. The graphic department and page development is second to none! Love the girls!Annika Martyn
Mark Casey
Mark Casey
06:09 26 Feb 19
The entire team at Juice Marketing were outstanding to work with. As we were starting our business from scratch, Brendan and the team were instrumental across many areas of setting up the appropriate marketing base to ensure long term success. Brendan was the one who thought of our business name Ultimate Bowls Championship and created a fantastic logo that has been extremely popular. Their office and staff are friendly and always willing to help.
Danielle Osborne
Danielle Osborne
06:05 22 Feb 19
Brendan and the team will go above and beyond to ensure your own personal needs and requirements are met. The time and attention they give each and every one one of their customers is incredible. From developing marketing strategies to re-designing our website, the quality and detail they put into your product is phenomenal! I have personally worked closely with Brendan in the sales aspect of our business and he has instilled so much knowledge and confidence in me in such a short amount of time. He goes above and beyond to ensure I get the most out of our meetings and he is an absolute pleasure to work with. I would recommend Juice Marketing to anyone looking for assistance in any aspect of marketing - I only wish I had found them sooner! Thanks guys =)
Kara Roberts
Kara Roberts
01:13 22 Feb 19
We have been using Juice Marketing for 4 years now and their team are second to none! They have a unique ability to align sales and marketing efforts by working across and deeply understanding both disciplines. This is a rare, yet extremely valuable quality in a Marketing Services Agency. From their business and strategic insights to their branding and creative solutions, they are the ultimate marketing partner. Highly recommend.
23:54 14 Feb 19
Juice Marketing isn't your average marketing company. They have a fantastic team of in house designers and programmers to answer your questions on the spot. They have clear communication and for those who are not technical savvy, this is a must. These are just some of the benefits that this team offers. Their planning and implementation process is outstanding and I have to say the strategy sessions with Brett is by far my favorite part of the process. Highly recommend!
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